Web Applications Development

Our Web App Development Strategies

Single page Application

We are convinced that technologically evolved single-page web apps can offer amazing and secure web insight. By planning and creating intelligent SPAs, we guarantee responsiveness and cross-platform similarity, and satisfy clients' standards in skill and implementation.

Progressive web apps 

As indicated by a report, PWAs will replace more than half of existing portable apps before the end of 2020. We create versatile, empowered and reformist web apps in accordance with Google's meaning of 'progress', making them quick even on 2G networks, offline accessibility, and easily installable on a client's home screen.


 Enterprise frameworks 

We make requests, resources, and measure the supervisory systems, just as other web-based enterprise apps that become an essential part of your business process. Because of the standard UI and stable activity of our endeavor web apps, your staff will discover more intuitive and effective ways to complete their routine tasks.

Web portals

CSC creates organization and client centred, accomplice/seller, learning, medical services and different kinds of web portals that bring together all the vital usefulness in an advantageous and easy to use manner. We ensure that all the numerous highlights work independently, are easily maintained and don't overwhelm their clients overall. 

Industry-explicit business solutions

Our industry information permits us to convey arrangements that tackle business challenges in medical services, banking, retail, and assembling. Working devotedly with the clients and CSC's BAs characterize their necessities. Our architects and engineers are the ones who execute these ideas and coordinate them with existing frameworks.

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