Test Automation

Test Automation‚Äč Process

Test automation helps in decreasing relapse testing time and cutting down huge cost of investment. A reasonable automation methodology and guide are necessary to assure the profitability of your automation activities. With different application design, different environment, 3rd party integration, and various client gadgets, a normalized and standard test automation approach is expected to guarantee high reusability, simplicity of support and lower direct expenses. 

With the experience of insisting customers on test automation and architecting their automation venture, Cyber Smart Cloud is one of the popular automation testing organizations that create value.

Our test automation solutions uphold your business targets by planning an automation technique lined up with big business objectives. We complete an essential apparatus assessment exercise to prescribe an advanced tooling to suit your necessities and budget. 

With the ascent of DevOps, the silos of the software business (development and operation group) are separating. A blend of social progress and the use of relevant tools and best practices are needed to develop DevOps. Cyber Smart Cloud can take you through this trip to advance your cycles, devices and scale up your tech stack with our Devops Services. We bring value as we have experience in Continuous Integration / Continuous delivery CI/CD.

Cyber Smart Cloud' Test Automation Approach helps test the various Programming interfaces and Cloud-based applications, service-oriented architectures (SOA), and microservices, subsequently making all applications under test (AUT) accessible for development and testing purposes. Our Service Virtualization practice empowers activities to rapidly reproduce and effectively supervise test conditions for carrying excellent software to the market at lower costs. 

 Test Automation approach 

Our fair Test Automation approach uses: 

  • Assessment of your automation needs and application landscape. 

  • Assessment of your current automation arrangement. (assuming any) 

  • Tool choice, Evidence of Idea and usage. 

  • Automated test creation and execution. 

  • Creation of relapse test suites with adaptable implementation alternatives. 

  • Training and handover of automation test packs to customers for future.

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