Manual Testing

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How it generally works?

One of our QA Specialists will connect with the lead contact from your organization and discover precisely what is required. They will decide the present status of the undertaking cycle, the time to discontinue, and essentially what your group needs and anticipates from us. After collecting, the QA expert will assess the data assembled and give an ideal and precise assessment. This assessment will include the time expected to finish the venture.

When the overall arrangement is made, work starts actively. Your QA Coach group will follow through any recommendations you make, a list of requirements, which comprises high level scenarios planned. Our test plans are assembled by type, for example, negative, UI, field validation, data base, security, integration, or health check to make sure everything seems ok.

This documentation will be conveyed to and authorized by you. When development is finished, a similar group of experts will thoroughly start testing, recording all deformities they find. Everyday reports and updates will be dealt with by the QA Lead through the whole testing process.

How it Functions 

  • Inside and out Conversations 

We talk with key individuals at your organization to decide necessities, current venture state, and deadlines

  • Hand Picked Group 

A committed group is handpicked to suit your particular business necessities, according to our realization.

  • Test Plan Built 

A complete test plan is created and validated.

  • Experiments Done

The experiments are finished, planned according to requirements, and gathered by type. 

  • Execution 

When the application is prepared, we'll implement the experiments and give everyday reports.

  • Imperfection Remediation 

We'll deal with all imperfections as indicated by a pre-decided cycle 

  • Retest 

Our specialists will deal with all retests and relapse tests after defects are fixed

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