QA Consultation

When You May Need QA Consulting?

4- Step solution

 Step 1- Investigation

  • Examine workflow, current methodology and practices

  • Limit insufficiencies

  • Consultation with key shareholders

Step 2- Brainstorming

  • Design and work out results

Step 3- Implementation

  • Create a roadmap

  • Implement feasible solutions

Step 4- Support

  • Monitor the performance

  • Monitor the issues that may arise

Results of QA consulting

  • Clear understanding of project expense and more detailed budget planning

  • Better collaboration.

  • Catching defects earlier in the development process.

  • Less human failure and correspondence issues; improved work effectiveness 

  • Improved software testing procedure.

  • Framework arrangement and advancement (global positioning frameworks, testing environment).

  • Optimized development.

  • Quantifiable and clear IT plan.

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