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5 Tips To Get Better Search Results For Your Website

Do you want your website to appear high on search engines like Google? Do you wish to achieve great customer reviews and responses but don’t know how your site will make it possible? If so, this article is here to teach you how to rank high with 5 essential tips.

The act of improving your site to rank well is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and we will explain 5 key factors of SEO that should be taken into account.

1. Build a strong website with quality content

The most important feature of a website that is popular on Google is quality content. If your site meets the need of the customer and provides material that is authentic and engaging then you will build a good reputation in your circle of influence.

Focus on keyword research before you start writing and place keywords correctly. Find keywords that are relevant to your site’s purpose and find related keywords that you can rank for. Many factors should be taken into account like:

You should give a huge part of your energy and time to keyword research. After you are done finding keywords you should place them in a natural way that raises reader interest. Use headings and try to use keywords in the headings and in the title but don’t stuff them too much.

You should try to rank for maximum keywords pertinent to your brand.  Another important idea is to use Meta descriptions and alt tags. A meta description is a small summary of a page you see when search results appear on Google. Try to use keywords in the Meta description and use alt tags for images and videos. Meta descriptions and alt tags improve your ranking and help Google index your webpage easily.

2. Add appealing visuals

We live in an age where information is presented in multiple ways from text to images and from video to even audio forms. With this much variety, you need to make sure the type of data your site deals with is displayed in a crystal clear and pleasant manner.

Try to add suitable images, video clips, GIFs to make your dull text blossom! Try to use original videos and images as that would help you rank better and will help you build a superior image. Add logo and links on the images if you are using your own and try to use the most relevant ones that align with the aim of your site.

3. Build links that matter

Now comes the part where your image and authority come into play. The more people link to you and the more sites mention you the higher are your chances of ranking. Try to build a network where reputed sites link back to you so that you can build trust among customers. Connect with bloggers, admins, editors, and brand owners, etc. to get noticed by the top-notch people in your field.

Another important category of linking is to link one page of your site to other pages on your own site. That helps the reader to further explore your page and it creates a sense of harmony on your website. Make sure to add links with keywords that are descriptive instead of using phrases like “click here”.

If pages are linked to the main page then it also makes it easy for Google to index all the pages on your site as crawling becomes more convenient.

4. Update and improve as you grow

“Survival of the fittest” is an everyday saying which also works for websites. With changing trends and policies, your site must stay up-to-date because the competition these days is pretty brutal. Make sure to update old pages and refresh your content and add new features so the customer gets everything that he wants.

Many users prefer online surfing through mobile phones so keeping that in mind your site should be mobile-friendly. Another great feature can be faster loading as no one will wait for your site and images to load for long.

5. Social media marketing!

Online marketing is a huge topic that should be of utmost importance to you because platforms like:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube etc.

Can work wonders to get noticed. LinkedIn is the top-rated site to generate leads. Using it to promote your website is thus a great idea. Medium is another great platform for those who are unable to reach a good amount of audience. With 154M visitors, a month Medium is a great place to bring traffic to you.

Having a brand presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, etc. adds more value to your brand and helps the customer to get in touch with you from all corners of the World Wide Web. The easier you are to be found by Google the easier it is for your customer to notice you so use social media platforms and grow as these platforms do!


In this article, we went through 5 major tips that you can use to rank high. Offering impeccable material and user experience is certainly a top priority but strategies like using the right visuals and link building are also pivotal for your site.

Keeping a track of your brand and adapting to change is another trait of a successful site. Try to use social media for maximum benefit and your site will bloom exponentially. Ranking on search engines isn’t a simple game but practice, hard work, and experience will one day, get you on the top!

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